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Ready to get organized in the new year?

Stores have replaced holiday items with storage totes and organizers. Getting a handle on clutter and storage in your home or office is an essential first step in creating a clean space.

What is your goal? – Downsizing or organizing? If you’re downsizing, make a plan for each room/space. Divide items by what you want to keep, donating and throwing away. If you need to organize items, search for the best way to organize your items – does it need to be waterproof? Easy to access? There are a lot of options out there. Find what will work best for you and fit in your space.

  • Get creative! Pinterest is full of ideas on ways to organize your pantry, closet, office, small spaces… and more.
  • Make the time to organize, donate and recycle – when you can. Break down your list by room or space to make it easier and not overwhelming. Imagine your space when you are done!
  • Find help! If you don’t have the time, find someone or a business (local concierge service) that can help you get a space organized.

Once your home or office is organized, reward yourself and let us do the cleaning for you. We can do a deep clean and let you enjoy a fresh start! Book now or call us for a free estimate 517.605.6944.