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Bathroom Organizing and Cleaning Tips

3 things you can do to keep your bathroom clean Keep disinfecting cleaning wipes within reach to wipe counters down often. Don't forget about the shower curtain: spray the bottom of a vinyl liner with an all-purpose cleaner and rinse to keep it cleaner longer. Let the...

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New Services

The Domestic Engineer, a professional cleaning company, is now offering additional services including handyman work, power washing and mobile auto detailing.

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Hiring the Right Cleaning Company

When choosing a cleaning company or any other in home service provider; there are several things to take into consideration. We have created this list to assist you in the process. Estimate: Get at least 2 written estimates before making any decisions. Be sure that...

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Identifying The Best Home Cleaning Company

With the growing technology today and the growing demands for various services there are many home cleaning companies that have been established to offer services that are very important for families in which couples are both working. This leaves very little time for...

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Professional Cleaning Services For Homes

Having a clean and comfortable home is every working persons dream. The dream will never be a reality if you have to get home from a long days  work only to have to put on your gloves and start scrubbing away in your kitchen and bath leaving the rest of the...

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